Celebrating Maine’s island and coastal communities through stories, art, and poetry about the myriad facets of “islandness.”

The Island Journal, the annual publication of the Island Institute, has been its keynote publication since 1984, when the first issue arrived in members’ mailboxes and was available for purchase. Since then, it has become perhaps the most valued benefit of Island Institute membership, with its stories, poetry, photographs and articles about the myriad facets of “islandness” found not only here in Maine but also on islands around the world.

This website showcases many articles from the print magazine, but does not include all of its content. To read more from the Island Journal, you may purchase current and past issues through the Archipelago website.

To reach the editors of the Island Journal, contact publications@islandinstitute.org.

Island Institute works alongside Maine’s island and coastal leaders to catalyze community sustainability in the state’s 120 island and coastal communities and share what works among these diverse communities and beyond.

To learn more about Island Institute or become a member, visit www.islandinstitute.org.